Modernization CHP plant at Dortmund University successfully completed

On schedule and without any problems - despite 'Corona' - the CHP plant of the Technical University of Dortmund could be completely put back into operation shortly before the end of the year 2020.

Since the conversion and modernization of the plant with 3 CHP units had to take place during ongoing operation, the overall project dragged on for 13 months.

The 12-cylinder Lambda-1 gas engines Waukesha L7042G were replaced by new engines, the generators were overhauled and the entire peripheral systems of the plant were renewed. By using a second floor, which previously only housed the exhaust gas silencers, for exhaust gas heat exchangers and silencers, the installation at the engine level was made much clearer and easier to maintain.

TU Dortmund now has a completely modernized Lambda-1 - CHP plant with the lowest emissions (thanks to 3-way catalysts) and highest overall efficiencies - for the next 25 years.

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