New engines for Airbus Stade

Neumotorisierung bei Airbus in Stade

The 3 gas gensets which have been delivered in 2007 (see special applications), were scheduled to have their first major overhaul this year. In order to minimize the period without redundancy for the inert gas production, the customer decided to buy new engines. The disturbance of the production should be as short as possible. There was a time frame of 8 weeks for the complete repowering project, exactly the maintenance-free period for the redundancy installation. We received the order for repowering of the 3 CHP-units from the engineering company MECOPLAN, which was assigned with the renovation of the complete installation.

Within 6 weeks, all old engines were stripped, prepared for their discharge, brought out together with their alternators, which have been overhauled during that period, too. New engines were partly dismantled, brought back with their alternators and finally put on the common base frame again.

Engines were completed and the gensets got recommissioned set by set. After a test run of several days -it was exactly 7 weeks after the project start- the complete installation was handed over to the customer again.

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