S&L delivers Waukesha gas engines for North Sea platform

In September 2013 S&L has been awarded to deliver two 16-cylinder VHP engines for the GDF-Suez platform E17a in the North Sea. This production platform is located about 160 km north-west from den Helder, just outside of the Dutch North Sea sector. Here, extracted field gas is cleaned and dried before it is supplied to the gas pipeline. As to date, two compressor sets do the job, driven by Caterpillar lean burn engines running on field gas.

The new Dutch Emission Legislation (BEMS), valid for new installations from 2010 and binding for all stationary gas engine plants from 2017, gave the impetus for the complete modernization of the platform compressor system. In general, lean-burn engines are not able to meet the stringent NOx levels (100mg/m³N) without installing a complex SCR technology. The logistical efforts for urea supply and disposal on a platform dropped this alternative very early. An overhaul of the lean burn engines was no longer useful in this context. Besides the new compressors, the revamping does also include two new stoichiometric gas engines. With their controlled catalytic converter (3-Way-Catalyst) these engines are capable to meet these stringent NOx emission limits.

The Dutch packager ConPackSys B.V. was entrusted with the construction of the new compressor package incorporating two compressor units on a common framework and they their selves placed the order about two engines at S&L for a planned delivery in March 2014.

Key facts:
Compressor: Ariel JGD/4
Range of speeds: 750-1000 U/min
Gas engine: Waukesha P9390GSI
Power: 1100 kW @ 920U/min
Emissions: Ultra-Low (100 mg/m³N)

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