Waukesha service on 275GL engines worldwide

Due to our expertise and many years of experience with Waukesha 275GL or formerly ATGL engines, we are also in demand as experts outside Europe.
For example, for many years we have been very successfully supporting a plant with three 16V275GL+ engines operated by the Italian Italfluid Group in the Western Desert of Egypt to drive large reciprocating compressors for the production of natural gas. With our support, Italfluid's operating personnel were able to increase the availability of the plant to over 97%, after the plant had initially been extremely prone to failure. According to the owner's definition, the 3% non-availability already includes the times for maintenance and overhaul, so the 97% can be considered extremely good. In most cases, it is not the extremely robust and reliable 275GL engines themselves that are the cause of malfunctions, but a variety of influences from subsystems such as the control system, the fuel gas system, the combustion air system, the lubricating oil system and the cooling water system. Our experienced and qualified service technicians are able to perfectly coordinate the systems and, of course, perform maintenance for the mechanical engine part at the same time. At the same time, the customer's technicians are trained - "training on the job".

At the beginning of this year, Wintershall DEA asked us for support because a plant they operate in Egypt in the Nile Delta, consisting of three 12V275GL engines, also for driving gas compressors, regularly has plant shutdowns due to engine stops. In case of such an unplanned shutdown, it is impossible to avoid natural gas leaking into the atmosphere, which not only causes great economic damage, but also has a very harmful impact on global warming. Methane has a climate-damaging effect many times greater than CO2.

As part of a climate protection program of the Wintershall DEA Group, we were commissioned to inspect the plant on site, identify technical problems and, if necessary, rectify them in order to then draw up an optimized maintenance concept with the aim of significantly increasing the availability of the plant by minimizing the number of unplanned shutdowns.

In January 2023, two specialized service technicians were on site for 2 weeks and comprehensively inspected the plant, immediately taking the first improvement measures. Since then, the operation has already stabilized significantly. The inspection is currently being evaluated and an optimized maintenance concept is being drawn up. The aim is to achieve significant cost savings for the owner and, at the same time, a significant reduction in methane emissions.

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